Sec Source Enterprise Ltd

Sec Source Enterprise is an independent multinational technology company who specializing in internet and technology. He was officially created in 2017 by Sophat Chann.

Sec Source Group Limited

Sec Source Group is a largest diversified conglomerate and holding company with investments in various industries.

Sec Source University

An independent multinational research-based university and education platform who has mission on inspiration innovation, spreading knowledge and ideas.

Spadx Assets & Finace LLC

iBank Moni is an multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in central hubs in New York City and London.

Sec Source Group Limited

All our business purpose is spreading love, inspiration and innovation.

We are delivering happiness.

We are believed in the quality of authentic and power of positivity. So we are not anyone competitors.

Sec Source Enterprise – Sec Source University – Spadx Assets & Finance

We are the global premier investment and development company and recognised as the most dynamic and diversified business conglomerate. Established as a strategic investment holding company, it maintains interests in a wide range of industries including telecommunication, transport, energy, media & entertainment, banking & financing, insurance, hotels & resorts, education, property development, trading and agriculture.

Education & Innovation

Sec Source University
- Open Academy - Sec Source Tx - Economic Outlook - ICTH - Scholare - Spedux - Grecordx

Commerce & Trade

- Bloomaked - Zopadx - Sec Source
- Zabuy - Open Maked - Maked
- Konex - Safilink - Recipee - Xopad
- Sofee - Baloo - Hapideal


Sec Source Motors

Banking & Finance

Spadx Assets & Finance
- iBank Moni - Sopad - Apendx

Telecommunication & Technology

- Xloop - Spadex - Pefex

Media & Entertainment

- Bluecore Inside - Pycel Productions - Bluefeed - Bloomire - Blossom - Zillean - Liven - Storee - Brillean - Blooee - Sopadex - Pkyee - Ssurl

Development & Real Estate

De Royale
- Green City - Depadoo

Logistics & Transportation

Sec Source Global

Business & Laws

Royal Incorporation

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This is what our esteemed clients have to say

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